Energy, Time, and Cognition: Rethinking how energy shapes our cognition.

Cognition -the mental process of acquisition, storage and processing of information or knowledge- requires time and energy; so, too, for other cognitive endeavors such as reading, critical thinking, education, introspection and philosophizing- it is only possible to do these things when we are freed from subsistence living, that is, when we have a spare timeContinue reading “Energy, Time, and Cognition: Rethinking how energy shapes our cognition.”

Celebrating Life!

What more could I ask for in this life?Is there really more than to exist?Maybe to discover?To conquer?To struggle for?To acquire something?To prove one’s worth?No. No. I have none of those.I know my place.In the grand scheme of all things, I know, I occupy just this tiny spot.I know my place.And it’s under Your goodnessContinue reading “Celebrating Life!”

21 October 2020

I’ve been planning for years now to write everything about what’s in my mind. I have never written anything about what I’m thinking ever since college in which an output, in writing, served as a requirement to satisfy the academics and not to satisfy personal musings and expressions. Some say that thinking and writing are entwined; that both are to be mastered in order for the man of letters to truly expressed the contents of one’s mind.

I’ll be writing mostly about my interests, which is mostly, and not in any particular order: philosophy, socioeconomics, book reviews, current events, medicine, politics and anything under the sun, except for trivialities related to entertainment or pop culture.

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