Celebrating Life!

What more could I ask for in this life?
Is there really more than to exist?
Maybe to discover?
To conquer?
To struggle for?
To acquire something?
To prove one’s worth?
No. No. I have none of those.
I know my place.
In the grand scheme of all things, I know, I occupy just this tiny spot.
I know my place.
And it’s under Your goodness and mercy!
And for that I’m grateful. 🙂

Saud Beach, Pagudpud- Far North of Manila

Published by rvspinozist

Do you know that the mind is vast, mysterious and, infinite as the Universe itself? I have a lot of interests about anything in this world; this includes not just the subjects related to my profession as a Physician; but also Philosophy at the foremost; Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Sciences and, anything from Anatomy to Zoology. I’m particularly interested about the Mind, and would like to unravel my thoughts as I delve into different matters and issues about life in general and, maybe, in this way, we may discover the workings of my Mind, and maybe yours too.

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