The Rise of Totalitarianism: Looking for the signs in our time.

History, they say, repeats itself. It seems that the statement portrays a fatalistic human condition for which mankind cannot free itself. Nevertheless, history is nothing less than the function of the totality of human interactions through time and space; and since man’s essence- their mental and biological propensities can hardly change throughout time the appearanceContinue reading “The Rise of Totalitarianism: Looking for the signs in our time.”

My 5 Favorite Books for the year 2020.

This year I was only able to read 16 books, dismally, down from 22 books that I have finished in 2019. I was expecting that I would surpass my 2019 reading list during the nation-wide lockdown, but as the days go by I was stuck in an inertia; spending a lot of time to nonproductiveContinue reading “My 5 Favorite Books for the year 2020.”

The Necessity of Feeling: A Book Review on Looking for Spinoza.

In reading, I don’t usually have a systematic way of choosing the next book to read. Most of the time I just picked any books on the shelf that I felt I have to read. However, for a couple of years now, I’m gradually being drawn into the mystery of the mind; and this is,Continue reading “The Necessity of Feeling: A Book Review on Looking for Spinoza.”

Acknowledging our ignorance is True Wisdom.

For a brief moment, where ever you are right now, observe your surroundings and then, examine the colors in every objects that you see. Mentally, keep and enumerate all the colors that you have recognize; dwell on that list for a while. And of course, do not disregard the colors emitted from your screens asContinue reading “Acknowledging our ignorance is True Wisdom.”

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